The Living Park (strg c / strg v)
Anja Vormann / Gunnar Friel
Installation, exhibition "hellgruen", Hofgarten Düsseldorf, 2003
Participating Artists: Ursula Damm, Thomas Stricker, Mark Dion, Lois Weinberger, Stefan Sous, Hermann de Vries, Atelier für Spaziergangsforschung, Galerie für Landschaftskunst, Ingo Vetter, Tazro Niscino, Dr. Klaus Fritze, Suse Wiegand, Susan Kinochita, Honoré d`O, Katinka Bock
During the night the park starts creasing. We have to admit that living systems like public parks adapt to the strategies and media of the humans. The park uses the digital copy and paste as a form of creasement against the rules and orders, that the humans applies to the nature.
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